About Us


We are a first contact expert health hub, offering exquisite wellness to individuals and families for a longer, healthier life through proven designed nourishment and healt services, with a good mixture of medical counsel, food treatment, drug treatment, exercise, healing affirmations and a proper follow up space easily accessible and affordable.


We have a Vision; to be a global, dynamic and trusted provider of world class, innovative, precise and life- enhancing health management solutions utilizing the best of digitalized products and personalized systems for our clients.

Steps We Are Taking

To give individuals and families in our communities the power to live and enjoy longer, healthier lives through affordable food care, education and research.

To provide patient-centered healthcare with excellence in quality and service. To be the company that best understands and satisfies the health needs of our customers.

To provide professional counseling and solutions to customers based on their health needs in order to enhance safe and organic living.

To increase access to and consumption of healthy, wholesome foods. To properly educate our customers on the benefits of a healthy life.


Some of the pain points we have observed and seek to provide a long lasting alternative as well as solution for include:

-The unexpected cost of treatment and hospital visits

-Ignorance about food that aid healing or manage illnesses

- provide awareness and conselling about medical emergency procedures, self medication, fear of drugs and other health related issues.

Our Value


We listen to your needs and support you in any way we can.


We are sensitive to your right to privacy and need for a safe space.

Customer-first mentality

We are dedicated to patient care so you always come first. You can expect polite, helpful staff members who will go the extra mile to meet your expectations.

Continuous growth

We keep ourselves up-to-date on new developments in our fields and integrate these developments into our services.


We are well equipped with adept professionals and consultants to meet your needs to a great standard.

Collaboration and Community

We strive to meet your needs and the community at large through partnerships with the government and other organisations.

RRL Expert Team

Dr. Mrs. Precious Eboseremen Odiahi (MWACP)
Supervisor of FPC Medical Consultants
Dr. Aisha Sokunbi (MBSS)
University of Benin, Nigeria
Consultant, physician/ dermatologist Fellow west African college of physicians (FWACP) 2020
Dr. Kezia Olumese (MBBS)
Head of FPC Doctors Team
"Health is the real Wealth, it is a worthwhile investment"
Dr. Onoseremen Ihenyen (PharmD.)
Head of FPC Pharmacist Team
"All substances are poisons; there is none which is not a poison. The right dose differentiates a poison and a remedy." - Paracelsus
Mrs. Ladele Omolola (Nutritionist)
Head of FPC Nutritionist / Dietitian Team
"You are what you eat, so eat right and be active."
Mrs Ugo Fidel Onwuraokoye
Supervisor of FPC Emotional Wellness Counselors Team
"Emotion is like a vehicle but you are the driver. You determine the speed and the direction."
Phoebe Ovia
Skincare Therapist
"There are no quick fixes in the world of skincare, discover and practice your own safe and comfortable skincare routine. Skincare is for people who care after all.

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